How PEMF Works

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PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy is administered through a device which creates a gentle pulsing magnetic field, restoring health at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism. The magnetic pulses travel through a 12’ copper coil through to a loop. As the loop is placed on or over the body, you will hear a soft clicking sound as the electro-magnetic field pulses on and off.

While the magnetic field is pulsed on, the electrons are ‘excited’ and the cells expand and become ‘exercised’. The electrically charged cell membrane is gently pulled by the pulsation and the cell is ‘recharged’. When the pulse is off, the cells relax and it’s through this profoundly beneficial cellular exercise that the cells can recharge themselves, rehabilitation can occur and they can return to optimal health.

While this cellular exercise helps to increase blood flow to the area, it also increases the permeability of the cell wall. Thus, nutrients and oxygen are readily absorbed and proteins are more efficiently metabolized for use within the cell and surrounding tissues. Also, damaging toxins and cellular waste can exit the cell more efficiently through the lymphatic (detox) system, resulting in pain and inflammation reduction and an improvement in the overall healing capabilities.

PEMF is similar to magnetic boots or blankets, the difference being in the delivery method, with the electric pulse sending the magnetic field to penetrate deeper into the cell, it can penetrate up to 16″ into the tissue.

PEMF can be administered as a therapy for optimized healing of an injured area, or used as a maintenance tool to keep a horse supple at at the top of their athletic performance. It enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and reduces pain and inflammation.

The treatment can also be used on humans and is a frequent option at most chiropractic or physiotherapy clinics.

Equine Full Body Treatment
Horses: $100
Ponies: $80

*Legs are extra.
**Small animals, people and extra areas on horses: $20 per 15 minutes.
***Additional fee may apply for travel time beyond 1 hour.

PEMF therapy for equine, small animals and human clients.

*Exclusions for treatment are patients who meet any of the following criteria:
– Are pregnant
– Have open wounds
– Have pacemakers or other implanted electronic stimulators
– Are on chemotherapy pills or blood thinners

Package options, multiple sessions, and multiple horse discounts available.

Disclaimer: EquiPulse Performance Therapy’s PEMF machine is not a medical device and its intended use is as an alternative form of therapy. Please consult your veterinarian or medical physician for diagnosis and treatment of serious injuries or conditions.